Seaways Pack & Ship

Seaways has earned a reputation for excellent packing, palletizing, crating, boxing and shipping service. This includes:

  • Foam-In-Place, specialized cushioning, blocking & bracing to protect your shipment.

  • Made to order crates and pallets built specifically to fit the item and secure it for transport.

  • Custom double wall corrugated containers, furniture wrap, and palletizing based on your shipment requirements.

  • Crating heat treatment.

We also have flexible pick up & delivery schedules from

  • door to door
  • door to port
  • Terminal delivery
  • Residential pickup schedules
  • Forklift services

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Other Services

  • Freight Forwading

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  • Customs Clearance and Logistics

    Our specialized team of custom brokers would ensure you comply with all customs clearance costs and procedures. Taking away all the stress of paper work and delays.

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  • Vehicle Importation

    For over 25 years we have perfected the act of delivering quality cars that offer real value for money. Let us help you source, ship and deliver the best car for the best deal.

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  • Industry Customized Logistics

    Different industries have different logistical needs and procedures. Show us your business and we would tailor make our solutions to meet your industry standards

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