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How to check the original mileage of an ex japan car in Kenya

One of the most popular queries we receive from our clients is how they can tell that the original mileage of an imported car has not been tampered with. Mileage plays a big role in the cost and quality of a car, so it is crucial to verify the mileage the car was imported with. There are many ways you can do this. 

Check the vehicles’ auction sheet

If you are purchasing a Japanese car from an auction house, you can quickly compare the mileage mentioned on the auction sheet with the mileage on the car. Understanding a car’s auction sheet is not as hard as it seems. If you want to learn how to read a Japanese auction sheet, you can read this article here.

Check the vehicle’s export certificate/deregistration certificate

A car must be deregistered in Japan before it can be exported. An export certificate is created when the vehicle is deregistered, and it includes the mileage and the date the mileage was recorded. The vehicle’s mileage history is also sometimes listed on this certificate. You will therefore see the historical mileage data if the car’s mileage has been documented in its history, such as when it was serviced. A fast comparison between this mileage and the car’s actual mileage will show whether the mileage has been altered in any way. It’s important to keep in mind that occasionally an administrator might have rounded up the mileage, and sometimes the car can be driven slightly when being loaded and offloaded from the ship, and when it’s been taken to the CFS in Mombasa, but that should not be a significant figure, probably less than 5km.

QISJ inspections

In Kenya, cars from Japan must be inspected in their country of origin to certify their roadworthiness before they are imported into the country. Read this article to learn more about the rules for importing a car into Kenya. This inspection is done by QISJ on behalf of KEBS. Once this inspection is done, an inspection certificate is given. This document shows the original mileage of the car before export. You can get this document from the seller or importer and use it to verify the mileage.

QISJ mileage verification service

Some car dealers and importers do hide these documents from the seller or alter them in order to trick the buyer into buying the car at a higher price than it’s worth. So, in that type of scenario, you can just check the vehicle’s chassis number and use the QISJ mileage verification online service to confirm the original mileage of the car at the time of export.

The QISJ mileage verification online service is a website where you can enter the chassis number of a car and get the information in the QISJ inspection certificate. This includes the mileage at the time of inspection.


When you purchase a car from another country, there is always a risk. But if you conduct your checks completely as described above, the risk decreases. Or you could just import your vehicle using a reputable importer. All of the aforementioned documents should be used as part of their usual procedure to conduct a thorough investigation into the history and mileage of your car. They will be able to do the process for you and provide you with the comfort that the car you are bringing in is real and has real mileage.

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