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How to drive safely on a foggy road

Cars driving on a foggy road

July is here with us, and it’s colder than ever. Are you driving, or riding in this FOGGY time? Don’t forget to:

  • Keep your headlights on always. You can also use low beams or fog lights.
  • Keep a safe distance between the driver ahead and behind. Be sure to have adequate space for braking. Also, brake slowly to give the driver behind you time to note your move.
  • Have minimal or no distractions in your car. This will help you concentrate on your surroundings and the activities of other drivers.
  • Use sideline pavement markers as your guides. Optimize every available asset on the road.
  • Always keep your windshield and windows clean to increase visibility.
  • Ensure all your lights in the car are functioning and not faulty. If possible, boost their brightness.
  • Be vigilant about people walking and riding, at times they can be irritating, but humanity first.
  • Keep yourselves warm, eat healthy meals, and God be with you.

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