Car procurement

Seaways Car Import Logistics

Sourcing and paying for a car that you would like to import comes with a lot of uncertainty, risk, worry and despair. With so many dealers and online portals available you can’t quite tell which of them is genuine. Worse off you cannot guarantee quality. Let us help you. Give us your car details and we will source the perfect fit for you. We will also give you 100% money back guarantee to assure you of our commitment to quality & trust.

Car shipping, clearance and delivery

We have developed the revolutionary one of its kind Gari Moto Portal that takes care of all your car importation needs that include

  • getting instant quotations inclusive of customs duty tax rates
  • Booking for customs clearance & delivery service
  • Managing all your car importation documents
  • Managing all your payments and receipts
  • Track the clearance process from when your car is shipped to when it is delivered to your doorstep.
  • Have all your orders and quotations in one place
  • Get sms & email notifications updates at each clearance stage

After Sales services

Our automotive logistics solution does not end at delivery. We go a step further to give you that extra value right from

  1. Arranging for comprehensive insurance cover for your car

  2. Guiding you on the best car service stations

  3. Providing Car accessories such as security alarms, window tint, Chrome number plates, Car Stereo, Car track systems and Spare Key Cutting.

  4. Selling & disposing your car after your done with it.

  5. Storage of your spare keys for emergencies.

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